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Trending Beach Destinations - Asia

Thailand encompasses Hua Hin Beach, Kata Beach, White Sand Beach, Koh Nang Yuan, Phra Nang and many more splendid beaches with mesmerizing natural beauty. Thailand is famous for its beautiful tourist attractions, and stunning, clear blue seas.


Hundreds of coral islands and lagoons create magnificent locales rich with adventure. Snorkeling, swimming and scuba diving are huge but there are other exciting things to do too as well


Unknown to some, the charming island of Lombok encompasses some breath-taking beaches. Tanjung Aan, situated on the South Coast, is for sure the most picturesque of them all. Pristine white sand, crystal clear water and flourishing palm trees adorn the 2 separate bays that make up this paradise beach.


Trending Beach Destinations - India

When in doubt, go Goa! One cannot really go wrong with India’s party capital. A place where people can be seen sunbathing, swimming, parasailing or relaxing all year round, Goa is the first pick.


Havelock in Andaman promises a pleasant and highly rejuvenating holiday where celebration comes from being one with nature. The Radhanagar and Elephant beaches are the best places to go for a swim in the warm water and enjoy water sports.

Havelock, Andaman

Famous for the Mahabaleshwar temple and its pristine beaches, in this tranquil town, you can enjoy a day basking in the sun or laying in a hammock reading a book without distractions

Gokarna, Karnataka

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